FrostGuard Deluxe

Need Help Using Your FrostGuard Deluxe + Mirror Covers? 

Watch this quick video. 

Installation Instructions

1. Place elastic loop over the driver’s side mirror. Our Fit-Fast technology ensures the best placement and most snug fit to your windshield, every time. Chose the Fit-Fast loop that best fits your vehicle. 


2. Unroll the FrostGuard® as you walk around the front of the vehicle. It may be necessary to slightly stretch the elastic loop as you walk in front of the vehicle to attach to the passenger side mirror. The printed side should be facing out.


3. When you reach the passenger’s side mirror, slide the corresponding elastic loop over the mirror. Lightly tug on the FrostGuard® to center the unit on the windshield. Check and smooth the cover to make sure it is lying flat against the windshield. Extend the wiper blade cover over windshield wipers for added protection.


4. Open front doors and make sure the security panel is hanging inside the door frames, past the door jams. Close the doors, making sure the security panel stays in place.


Looking For Instructions On How to Roll and Store Your FrostGuard?

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